Will Hard and Kat Hill say we are discovering an even higher level of love…

“What is the highest level of love?  How do we make progress in our understanding of love.  How do we apply our new understanding in our lives and our many relationships?

I have learned many lessons from the creation of this blog.  The lessons are more tangible when I apply them in the real world with real people.  The best lesson to this point:  How to love without expectations.  The kind of love that is most genuine.  The kind of love that is not a transaction that assumes that giving love must result in getting love.  The kind of love you have for your children.  The kind of love that comes from the spiritual traditions of many cultures new and ancient.  The kind of love that encourages freedom, with an immunity from duty or obligation.

I have a friend that is inextricably enmeshed in my feelings of love, since the early days of my childhood.  Through a circuitous combination of tragedy and circumstance, our old friendship is now a new friendship.  We are, gradually, learning to love without expectations.  It is a wonderful and wildly liberating kind of love.

Through conversations with my old / new friend, we are discovering an even higher level of love.  Healing love.  Can we, together, brings the wounds of our lives into the light of our relationship? Can we, together, learn the meaning of those wounds?  Can we, together, feel the grace that is possible when healing transforms those wounds into a positive direction in each of our lives.

What a wildly attractive kind of love.

Make the attempt.  Attempted Love.”

Will Hard, Publisher, Attempted Love; Kat Hill, old/new friend 

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