Will Hard says why does it still feel like grief…

“My love for you began long ago.
I first learned the feeling of love with you in my thoughts.
The possibility of our mutual love ended.
Except the feeling of love never completely ended for me.
The loss of that possibility has always felt like a form of grieving:

I am here.
You are gone.
No ceremony.
No ritual.
No public acknowledgement.
No wishes of healing from friends and family.

A deep and secret form of grief.
A sad and melancholy feeling, a form of unrequited love.
Always moderated by the hope that your life is full of love.
Always moderated by the other loves in my life.

Now there is a possibility, however remote.
So why does it still feel like grief?

At least we have that in common.

– Will Hard, Publisher, Attempted Love

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