Evan Sanders says here’s what I learned about love…

“But here’s what I learned about love.

You have to love people in such a way that they are free. You can’t hold them too tight. That doesn’t mean you don’t love them with your heart…or pour out the unconditional love that you have access to…it just means that you have to finally grasp the fact that there is a natural coming and going of life and you can’t control when people decide that they need to leave. You have to love them when they arrive, love them when they are with you, and love them when they are gone. The one thing that remains constant through all of this…is your love.

When you love people and life in such a way that it can come in and out of your life at its own pace…in its own unique way, you are open to everything. You can soak it all in. The good. The bad. Everything. Then you’ve really learned how to cherish each and every aspect of this life. Because deep down at the core of it…the thing that runs everything – at least in the world I live in and the worlds of many who I revere…is love.

Love passionately. Love deeply. Learn to love without conditions.

When you get to this place, you finally start living instead of surviving.

– Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project, Email newsletter, 7/29/15

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